October 2023

I had an wonderful experience visiting various parts of Burundi including Karera Falls, Rusizi National Park, and Gishora Drum Sanctuary. Burundi Guides made this possible for me. My guides, Sanctus and Gabriel, were very professional and knowledgeable of Burundi’s history, culture, and sites of interests. Burundi guides simplified the process of obtaining a visa. They also assisted me with the COVID-19 travel requirements that were in place during my arrival and departure. If you wish to discover Burundi, then experience it with Burundi Guides!


United States

 IAN Johnston from England - visited in May 2024

"It can be a difficult decision to trust a far away tour guide to deliver an amazing journey in a mostly unexplored African country. You can, with Gabriel and Best Burundi Guides.

He is a well organised, on time, gentleman who gave us three well travelled guys an extraordinary insight into the Burundi culture and landscape. Experience fabulous drummers, waterfalls, impressive farming landscapes, animal sanctuaries, tea plantations, and we met the locals and forest dwelling singing Burundians. Safe comfortable clean hotels, good local produce at mealtimes, and cheap local beers! Even the local mobile sim works well alongside hotel wifi. Burundi was stunningly beautiful with colourful hard working local people on every road. Have yourself the Best Burundi experience."

January 2023

Burundi Guides were extremely wonderful guides with lots of knowledge and fun.  I highly commend Gabriel, our tour driver, who conscientiously went out of his way to make sure we had a great time.  He kept us informed about the places and cultural sights along the way from Kigali to Bujumbura.  Burundi Guides took us to the Capital City, on the day of our visit the President had a rally, it meant taking the scenic routes to avoid sloshed streets.  We visited the traditional drummers, many cultural sights, tea plantation and amazing views that it would be impossible to find if you not familiar with the area.  I recommend a visit to local markets.  Plan your itinerary it is a long day, you are never gonna get bored as Gabriel made sure we kept to our timetable so we didn't miss anything.  This trip was certainly good value for money.


South Africa

February 2020

When I was planning my trip to Burundi, I didn’t know where to start. I knew I needed a guide but didn’t want to go with one of the big tour companies. Luckily, an acquaintance recommended Sanctus and Gabriel at Best Burundi Guides. They responded immediately to my initial WhatsApp message, helped secure my visa, and then spent two and a half days with me as we visited the Royal Drummers, the Source of the Nile, and one of the national parks. 

Sanctus and Gabriel are very professional, courteous, and good English speakers. I was never concerned about my safety or anything else. If I ever make it back to Burundi, I’ll definitely call on them again.

    Hicks Andrew Thomas 


Hello my name is Sujoy Mitra I am an Indian I made the trip to the DRC in october 10, 2019 I contacted Burundi Guides,they organized my trip and the trip was well coordinated and managed.Everything on time and professional service. Burundi- DRC border is heavily gaurded with lot if checkpost which was safely managed. We felt complete safety and comfort with  Burundi guides

October 2019 

Thank you Sanctus, Gabriel and Norbet for a nice week in Burundi during Oct 2019.

The guys from Best Burundi Guides organised my hassle free Visa on Arrival and my airport transfers.  They booked me into a reasonably priced comfortable motel and drove me around for a few days. 

All three guides were fluent in English and French as well as the local language and are university educated. 

The driver Norbet was a very professional and safe driver.

I visited the Karera Waterfalls in Rutana Province and the Source of the Nile, which is in the mountains about 120km south of Bujumbura as well as several monuments and sites closer to Bujumbura.  The highlight were the Burundi Royal Drummers, which was the best display of drumming I've seen anywhere in Africa. 

The tour was enjoyable and worry free.   I'm still enjoying the wonderful Burundi Coffee. Much appreciated, thank you.

Richard Australia

My name is Romano.

I am just back from Burundi and have spent three amazing days with Sanctus and Gabriel.

I think that they are very talented guides. 

August 2018

My name is Gary, I live in Luxembourg.

I met Sanctus and Gabriel in Bujumbura in May 2018. I knew that I needed a guide because Burundi was new to me and I do not speak French or any of the local languages. 

I spoke to Sanctus at the Albatros hotel and he said that he and his friend Gabriel could help me. They showed me around Bujumbura and neighboring towns. It was great. They are real gentlemen and they saved me hassle and money. We traveled with local transport, i.e. with boda bodas, communal taxis, local taxis and rickshaw. We ate in local restaurants and saw the local sites. What luck to have their help!

If you want to add your images or a review, do contact Sanctus or Gabriel and let them know and I will help with that. 

Wishing you great travels, Gary