100 % Clear Pricing

We charge 40 Euros per day to work as guides. This does not include extra costs (see below).

For 40 Euros you will get one or two of us for the whole day. It will be 40 Euros if both of us are there or if only one of us is there.

Extra costs will be food, entry into tourists sites and travel costs. We will clearly tell you how much each extra cost is in Euros or USD. You can check this at the restaurant, with the taxi driver or at the tourist site, and then you can decide if you will complete it or not. We will not charge extra money on top of the straight price for these extra costs. So if a Taxi costs 5 Euros or a meal costs 8 Euros, then that is all you will pay i.e. we will not add extra costs on for negotiating the price or for helping to order the taxi.

Please specify if you want to travel with local transport (bus, share taxi and boda boda / motorbike taxi) which is a lot of fun and you will pay local prices, like us and share the journey with locals.

Or specify if you need a car and driver.

If we have to travel one day to pick you up from Kigali, Bukavu or another town, then that costs 40 Euros + our travel costs and if we have to stay overnight there will be the cost of the hotel. All of this we will clearly agree in advance.

Please do email us with any questions. Our aim is customer satisfaction.